Hi, I’m Stephanie, and this is my blog.

I always thought it would be fun to have a blog, but I was never sure what I would talk about. So here’s me in a nutshell…I am raising a beautiful nine year old girl (mostly) on my own (with my incredibly mother’s help!), we have an adorable kitty named Luna, I take care of nineteen teenage girls at an amazing independent school in Ontario, Canada, I love cooking, baking, organizing, hand written notes, and making all things pretty.

What does Sudbina mean…and what does it mean to me? It is Croatian for karma, fate, destiny. I’m a big believer in destiny. I believe everything happens for a reason—to test you, to teach you, to help you grow.

Why the acorn? It is said that “the acorn is a reminder that one small seed of hope has the potential to grow into something mighty…Open your mind, heart, and soul to life’s unexpected blessings.”

LearnToSurfPhoto in Dominican Republic, 2017.

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