Lunch and Learn

I am aware that as K grows older, there will be more difficult things to deal with — but one of the worst things right now, aged 10, is making lunches. It’s the on-going, never-ending process of making what she wants, what is nutritious and what is quick as inevitably she ‘never has time to finish!’.

This morning, after we finished our traditional Sunday breakfast…K shredded the cheese, cut the ham and mixed the 6 eggs with oat milk (our new fave!), and then I finished by pouring the mixture into mini tart shells. 15 minutes later (at 375ºF), we had two-bite quiches… and they are kid approved! This last week of school lunches are going to be a breeze!

We celebrate the end of June when school lunches end…but wait, there are lunches to be made for day camps. Today, I think we made real progress with the lunch trifecta—yummy, nutritious, and quick!

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